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    • Description des plantes de l'Amerique : avec leurs figures 

      Plumier, Charles (1646-1704) (1693)
      Description des plantes de l'Amérique es un libro con ilustraciones y descripciones botánicas que fue escrito por el religioso y botánico francés Charles Plumier. Fue publicado en el año 1693 y se considera una obra ...
    • Essai sur l'histoire naturelle de l'isle de Saint-Domingue : avec des figures en taille - douce 

      Nicolson, [religieux Dominicain, -1812] (1776)
      [Español] Descripción, por un fraile dominico, de Saint-Domingue en el siglo XVIII. Trata sobre la historia y describe la administración y la actividad industrial de la colonia. Dedica gran parte de su obra a la descripción ...
    • Historia general y natural de las Indias, islas y tierra-firme del mar océano : primera parte 

      Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés, Gonzalo (1851)
      Historia general y natural de las Indias, islas y tierra firme del mar océano es un libro escrito por Gonzalo Fernández de Oviedo y Valdés en el siglo XVI, aunque fue publicado íntegramente mucho tiempo después de su muerte, ...
    • Faune malacologique : terrestre et fluviatile de l'ile de Saint-Domingue 

      Crosse, Hippolyte (1891)
      Estudio sobre la fauna macológica de la isla de Santo Domingo publicado en el año 1891, en la ciudad de París. Incluye las descripciones y detalles de las especies de moluscos identificadas en ambas repúblicas, tanto la ...
    • Las familias vejetales representadas en la flora de Santo Domingo 

      Moscoso Puello, Rafael María (1897)
      Esta es la primera obra publicada de Rafael María Moscoso, naturalista, botánico y educador, primer dominicano que realizó investigaciones completas sobre la flora nacional. En el libro el autor enumera las familias de ...
    • Tertiary fossil plants from the Dominican Republic 

      Berry, Edward W. (1921)
      During the reconnaissance of the Dominican Republic, made during 1919 under the direction of T. Wayland Vaughan for the Dominican Government, fossil plants were collected at seven different localities.
    • Notes on a collection of ferns from the Dominican Republic 

      Maxon, William R. (1922)
      In November, 1920, Dr. W. L. Abbott revisited the Dominican Republic, spending the period to May, 1921, in an investigation of the natural history of the Samana Peninsula and of the region lying between Sanchez (at the ...
    • The forests of the Dominican Republic 

      Durland, William Davies (1922)
      Physiographic divisions -- Temperature and rainfall -- The general relations of the forest vegetation -- The evergreen hardwood forest type -- The partly evergreen hardwood type -- The pine forest type -- Thorn forest ...
    • A new species of Eleutherodactylus from the Dominican Republic 

      Cochran, Doris M. (1923)
      The presence of a new species among a collection of frogs sent to the United States National Museum from Santo Domingo was pointed out to me last summer by Dr. G. K. Noble of the American Museum of Natural History. On his ...
    • Two new ferns from the Dominican Republic 

      Maxon, William R. (1924)
      An additional lot of ferns received on loan from the Berlin Botanical Museum includes two new species, which are described herewith. One of these, represented by an identical specimen in the U. S. National Herbarium, had ...
    • New or noteworthy ferns from the Dominican Republic 

      Maxon, William R. (1924)
      In an earlier paper, this author dealt briefly with an interesting collection of ferns obtained by Dr. W. L. Abbott in the northeastern part of the Dominican Republic from November, 1920, to May, 1921, describing a new ...
    • New plants from the Dominican Republic 

      Leonard, E. C. (1924)
      The new species described in this paper are based upon material collected by Dr. W. L. Abbott in the early part of 1922. Prior to 1920 only a small proportion of the plants known to occur in the Dominican Republic were ...
    • The rodents of the genus Plagiodontia 

      Miller, Gerrit S. (1927)
    • Notes on the birds of Hispaniola 

      Danforth, Stuart T. (1929)
      During the summer of 1927 the author spent the period from June 14 to August 10 on the island of Hispaniola….......From July 4 to 7 we collected at Higüey, Seybo and Hato Mayor in the eastern part of the island, and from ...
    • Descriptions of four new forms of birds from Hispaniola 

      Wetmore, Alexander (1929)
      Continued studies of birds from Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the National Museum have In'ought to attention three geographic races found on small islands oil the coast that differ sufficiently from the groups ...
    • Mammals eaten by Indians, owls, and Spaniards in the coast region of the Dominican Republic (with two plates) 

      Miller, Gerrit S. (1929)
      In February and March, 1928, I visited the Samana Bay region, northeastern Dominican Republic with the special object of obtaining remains of mammals in the Indian deposits that had been previously examined by Gabb in ...
    • Three small collections of mammals from Hispaniola (with two plates) 

      Miller, Gerrit S. (1930)
      The United States National Museum has received from Haiti and the Dominican Republic three small collections of mammals that have not yet been reported on. The first was made in a sheltered side crevice, probably once the ...
    • The birds of Haiti and the Dominican Republic 

      Wetmore, Alexander; Swales, Bradshaw H. (1931)
      The book is an ornithological treatise on the avifauna of the island of Hispaniola (divided between the nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic) in the Caribbean. It is based on the fieldwork carried out, and collections ...
    • Additional notes on the birds of Haiti and the Dominican Republic 

      Wetmore, Alexander; Lincoln, Frederick C. (1933)
      In continuation of biological studies in Hispaniola under the Smithsonian Institution, we were engaged in field investigations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic in the spring of 1931, being oc cupied principally with ...
    • A partial list of birds observed in Haiti and the Dominican Republic 

      Bond, R. M. (1934)
      The birds here listed are some of those noted on a limnological expedition to the island, lasting from February 5 to March 15, 1933. As will be observed, the greater part of the birds mentioned are aquatic, since they were ...