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    • A new seed bank for Hispaniola to support the conservation and sustainable use of the Caribbean native flora 

      Mattana, Efisio; Manger, Keith R.; Way, Michael J.; Ulian, Tiziana; García, Ricardo; Encarnación Castillo, Wilkin Rafael; Clase, Teodoro; Peguero, Brígido; Jiménez, Francisco (2017)
      A significant step for the effective conservation of the native flora of the Caribbean Islands was taken on 7 February 2017, when the new seed bank of the Jardín Botánico Nacional ‘Dr. Rafael Ma. Moscoso’ of Santo Domingo ...
    • Assessing seed desiccation responses of native trees in the Caribbean 

      Mattana, Efisio; Peguero, Brígido; Di Sacco, Alice; Agramonte, Wilvin; Encarnación Castillo, Wilkin Rafael; Jiménez, Francisco; Clase, Teodoro; Pritchard, Hugh W.; Gómez-Barreiro, Pablo; Castillo-Lorenzo, Elena; Terrero Encarnación, Marianny; Way, Michael J.; García, Ricardo; Ulian, Tiziana (2020)
      Native trees from the Caribbean were tested for seed desiccation responses, by adapting the “100-seed test” protocol. Ninety-seven seed lots of 91 species were collected in the Dominican Republic and tested for germination ...