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    • Innovative assembly strategy contributes to understanding the evolution and conservation genetics of the endangered Solenodon paradoxus from the island of Hispaniola 

      Grigorev, Kirill; Kliver, Sergey; Dobrynin, Pavel; Komissarov, Aleksey; Wolfsberger, Walter; Krasheninnikova, Ksenia; Afanador-Hernández, Yashira M.; Brandt, Adam L.; Paulino, Liz A.; Carreras de León, Rosanna; Rodríguez, Luis E.; Nuñez, Adrell; Brandt, Jessica R.; Silva, Filipe; Hernández-Martich, David; Majeske1, Audrey J.; Antunes, Agostinho; Roca, Alfred L.; O’Brien, Stephen J.; Martínez-Cruzado, Juan Carlos; Oleksyk, Taras K. (2018)
      Solenodons are insectivores that live in Hispaniola and Cuba. They form an isolated branch in the tree of placental mammals that are highly divergent from other eulipothyplan insectivores The history, unique biology, and ...