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    • Analysis of the heat index in the Mesoamerica and Caribbean region 

      Ramírez-Beltrán, Nazario D.; González, Jorge E.; Castro, Joan M.; Ángeles, Moisés; Harmsen, Eric W.; Salazar, César M. (2017)
      Hourly data collected from ground stations were used to study the maximum daytime heat index Hi in the Mesoamerica and Caribbean Sea (MAC) region for a 35-yr period (1980–2014). Observations of Hi revealed larger values ...
    • Water and energy balance model GOES-PRWEB : development and validation 

      Harmsen, Eric W.; Mecikalski, John R.; Reventos, Víctor J.; Álvarez Pérez, Estefanía; Uwakweh, Sopuruchi S.; Adorno García, Christie (2021)
      In 2009, the University of Alabama-Huntsville configured their GOES satellited-based solar radiation product to include Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands (USVI), Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Cuba. These data ...