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AuthorPérez-Durán, J. R.
Accessioned date2023-01-05T02:30:16Z
Available date2023-01-05T02:30:16Z
CitationPérez-Durán, J. R. (2009). Assessment of sustainability in water resources management: a case study from the Dominican Republic. En Laboy-Nieves, E., Schaffner, F., Abdelhadi, A. & Goosen, M. (ed.), Environmental Management, sustainable development and human health (pp. 513-570). Leiden, The Netherlands: CRC Press/Balkema. Recuperado de:es
AbstractThis chapter presents an assessment of the water resources management system of a case study region, the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean, with a particular focus on sustainability. After a brief presentation on water resources management concepts, a methodology proposed for the assessment is developed and applied to country specific situation and issues of water resources. Problems and issues related to water in the case study country are analyzed with reference to the tools or functions of water management as the evaluation
PublishedLeiden, The Netherlands: CRC Press/Balkemaes
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SubjectRecursos naturales - República Dominicanaes
SubjectRecursos hídricoses
SubjectDesarrollo sosteniblees
TitleAssessment of sustainability in water resources management : a case study from the Dominican Republices
Material typeBook (chapter)es
Type of contentScientific researches
Type of contentStatistices
Type of contentTechnical reportes
AudienceTechnicians, professionals and scientistses

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